5 Reasons Why Your HOA Should Hire a Professional Property Maintenance and Landscaping Company

Posted by Berman on Nov 3, 2023 2:45:29 PM

A joint study conducted by the University of Alabama and the University of Texas at Arlington quantified the impact of exterior aesthetics and confirmed what real estate agents, developers, and HOAs have probably always known: Curb appeal can maximize property values.

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5 Reasons Your HOA Should Work with a Professional Security Agency

Posted by Berman on Sep 18, 2023 11:02:27 AM

As a leader in your community, you have a responsibility to ensure it is safe and secure. After all, an increase in crime - or nearly any crime incident - in your community will significantly lower home values.


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Why You Should Have A Hurricane Repair Plan In Place For your Investment Property

Posted by Berman on Jun 21, 2023 1:36:10 PM

Along the southeast coast, it seems like an annual occurrence to prepare for a hurricane. While major hurricanes are on the news, even a small tropical storm can significantly impact your commercial and investment properties. Managing and maintaining your commercial property before, during, and after a tropical weather event can be complex and require your full attention.

Now is the time to prepare a plan for what needs to happen before and after a storm impacts your area. Being prepared with your commercial property before the storm will help your business rebound quicker and have less damage.

Think about it, the longer it takes for your business to recover structurally and aesthetically from such storms, the more money you miss out on due to lost business. 

Of course, one of the best parts of your plan is to have your team in place and ready to act as soon as it's safe to clean up and repair your commercial property right after the storm; you won’t have to worry about losing time trying to find someone available to help.

The team at Berman has significant experience with hurricane preparation and recovery. As a Florida-based business with a strong presence in the Caribbean, we are the experts in bringing commercial properties back online quickly.

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Meet Mary Lantz, Senior Director of Property Management at Berman

Posted by Berman on May 30, 2023 9:08:29 AM

We are proud to have a passionate group of leaders who guide our day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning to better serve our clients. They are a driving force in the commercial real estate industry and mentors for the next generation of facility and property managers. One person that encompasses everything that makes Berman special is Mary Lantz. 

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Benefits of Outsourcing Property Services For Your Community

Posted by Berman on Mar 28, 2023 3:44:20 PM

When creating the perfect community, knowing who to rely on for the upkeep and security is the most important. The residents of your community will have concerns about the look, feel, and safety of the area – therefore, focusing your attention on those issues will spell success for you overall. 


Utilizing an outsourced property services company will ensure that your vision becomes a reality and your workload is focused on the management of the community overall. Knowing you can rely on one set resource to cover all the services needed will save you time, headache, and money. Over time these benefits add up, making your community the top choice for residents.


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Berman Helps With the Hilton LPGA Tournament of Champions

Posted by Berman on Feb 9, 2023 11:50:20 AM

One of the communities Berman manages, Lake Nona, recently hosted a premiere multi-day event with golfing, music, and celebrations. The event came to us on the heels of a relationship built up for many years between Hilton, Lake Nona, and Berman. 


The concert series occurred over the course of three nights and had headliners such as En Vogue, Ellie Goulding, Maren Morris, and Celebrity DJ Paris Hilton. Meanwhile, the Tournament of Champions Golf Tournament was a 4-day event with a mixture of sponsors, celebrities, and professional female golfers.


The Tournament of Champions event pairs golfing pros and celebrities to play together on a team for a golf tournament at the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. This is where Berman comes in – Berman acts as an owner’s representative for all of Lake Nona’s property management and operations. 


We handle all their janitorial, on-demand repair/setup, and security needs. They love the work we do for them year-round. Berman also provides Hilton with various support, security, and cleaning services. Therefore, Berman was their first thought when looking for someone to manage all these aspects of the big event.


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Combining Technology and the Human Element for Security

Posted by Berman on Dec 21, 2022 4:43:20 PM

Security is always a top priority. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the best option out there for your business property. While it is tempting to go with a technology-only approach, you also need the human element to be truly secure. 

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How Does Bundling Help You Control the Aesthetics of Your Campus?

Posted by Berman on Nov 18, 2022 3:40:04 PM

When running a campus, you should consider whether or not the image you present is well put together and appealing. Being in charge of that image can be challenging, especially when you outsource to multiple vendors to make it happen.

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Bundling Facility Services on the Corporate Campus

Posted by Berman on Nov 17, 2022 3:17:28 PM

As the economy shows signs of cooling off, CFOs and other senior corporate stakeholders are likely to consider ways to become as financially efficient as possible.

We know from previous times of economic uncertainty that the facilities budget is often one of the first on the chopping block.

While it might be tempting to cut the facilities budget over other initiatives, we also know that cuts to facility management lead to costly breakdowns down the road as less money is spent on preventative maintenance and repairs.

Bundled facility services may offer CFOs and regional facility managers a softer path where companies can often save on facility costs without interrupting preventative maintenance initiatives or hindering the quality of work.

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Self-Performing vs. Subcontracting Bundled Services

Posted by Berman on Oct 14, 2022 9:24:48 AM

In previous blog posts, we discussed how bundling your facility services can increase your financial flexibility and improve your aesthetics. 

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