Berman Helps With the Hilton LPGA Tournament of Champions

Posted by Berman on Feb 9, 2023 11:50:20 AM

One of the communities Berman manages, Lake Nona, recently hosted a premiere multi-day event with golfing, music, and celebrations. The event came to us on the heels of a relationship built up for many years between Hilton, Lake Nona, and Berman. 


The concert series occurred over the course of three nights and had headliners such as En Vogue, Ellie Goulding, Maren Morris, and Celebrity DJ Paris Hilton. Meanwhile, the Tournament of Champions Golf Tournament was a 4-day event with a mixture of sponsors, celebrities, and professional female golfers.


The Tournament of Champions event pairs golfing pros and celebrities to play together on a team for a golf tournament at the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club. This is where Berman comes in – Berman acts as an owner’s representative for all of Lake Nona’s property management and operations. 


We handle all their janitorial, on-demand repair/setup, and security needs. They love the work we do for them year-round. Berman also provides Hilton with various support, security, and cleaning services. Therefore, Berman was their first thought when looking for someone to manage all these aspects of the big event.


Previous Hilton Relationship


Berman being chosen to spearhead security, cleaning, and other support services for the Tournament of Champions came from our longstanding relationship with Hilton Grand Vacation events. It started with Berman managing the janitorial services for Hilton. 

When Berman expanded into the security sector, Hilton asked us to manage the security for their big events and concerts. Our professionalism and experience spoke for themselves from the start. We ensured that everyone we brought in as security personnel was properly vetted and trained to manage such a massive event.

With no concerns during their events, Hilton knew we would be perfect for being a key operational resource for the significant undertaking of the Tournament of Champions event – which had tighter security needs than average concert events. With multiple A and B list celebrities involved, the security needed to be top-tier.

Over the years, we have proven to Hilton that we could handle significant security needs with discretion and professionalism. Berman takes pride in knowing who will be showing up to manage the setup for an event, security during, and clean up after. By using our vetting process, we proved that we could be relied upon to handle a multi-location series of events.


The Tournament and Concert Series


Adding the Tournament of Champions to the list of Berman events was an honor. It was held at the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club, which was about five miles from the location of the Hilton Grand Vacations’ Concert Series. We worked hand in hand with Hilton to be sure that security for both events – which had similar guest lists – went off without a hitch. 

Our years of managing the Lake Nona properties every single day gave us a leg up for this event because we already knew the ins and outs of the properties and were, therefore, able to know everything this event needed from us. Our janitorial skills made for an effortless setup and clean-up, while our security talents were utilized to ensure that professionals and celebrities were protected. There was no need for extra time to learn every inch of the property therefore, preparation for the event could focus on the service details instead.

We have the understanding and experience to know how to handle events where attendance is significant. The biggest difference for this event is that it was mostly focused on VIP-level attendees – therefore, tickets were not easy to obtain. This made securing the property less of a hassle during any point of the tournament and the adjoining concerts.

There is a level of trust between Berman and Hilton that allowed both events to have no significant complications. Our security details ensured that people who didn’t have tickets weren’t allowed into either of the venues – the tournament or the concert. It was a massive undertaking that was smooth and seamless because we are a company that does daily property management and security services for all kinds of high-traffic campuses.

As we look toward the future, we know that there will be more LPGA and Hilton-related events because our relationship with them continues to grow. We get selected to do more work for them yearly because we always go above and beyond. Both organizations and their attendees have left this event feeling satisfied and secure.


Berman Can Assist


This exciting event is only the tip of the iceberg of what Berman can handle. Our elite bundling services allow us to ensure your property, campus, or venue will always be in good hands. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about our property management or facility services.

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