Combining Technology and the Human Element for Security

Posted by Berman on Dec 21, 2022 4:43:20 PM

Security is always a top priority. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the best option out there for your business property. While it is tempting to go with a technology-only approach, you also need the human element to be truly secure. 


Onsite security patrols can only get you so far. By adding technology, you are ensuring a situation will be handled without pause and that you’ll be prepared for anything.


Benefits of Human Security


Having a mobile security team on-site is your best option to pair with a technological security system. A highly trained security team that can move throughout your property ensures every situation will be handled swiftly. Security personnel is trained to handle problems and prevent crimes from happening in the first place. 

There is something to be said about the human eye. Having an extensively trained team ensures that your property remains safe at all hours of the day. The best security team is the one that is present and yet manages to do its work without disrupting everyday operations. Criminals see security and think twice about committing crimes against your property.

After all, human security existed long before technology became such a significant player in the game. Humans can problem-solve more quickly and efficiently than a piece of technology. Which means they can protect your business more thoroughly.

That said, even the most observant human is likely to miss something or be slow to notice movement near them. In moments like these, a backup option will be your best bet: to ensure 24/7 protection. 

Any time a study has put a human up against a “simulation,” the human has proven to possess higher intellect than the computer when it comes to thinking on its feet and making snap decisions based on experience. 

However, humans are also more likely to have vulnerabilities where technology doesn’t. When you have humans and technology working in tandem, your property will be the safest it's ever been. 


Bringing Technology to Your Security


Adding the best technology to your security plan could mean the difference between absolute security and giving it your best shot. Technology bridges that gap between perfect surveillance and human error. 

When you have technology as your first line of defense against crime, you can monitor every inch of your property with up-to-the-minute feedback. Technical feedback and monitoring allow human security to react faster and catch even those things that may escape their notice otherwise.

A faster response time is key to preventing future crimes from occurring and deterring other offenders from trying to break into your property. For example, if someone breaks into the property to steal assets, the faster a security officer responds, the less likely the person will get away or destroy property. 

Technology is instrumental in situations where obstructions block human vision and visibility is limited. Night-time surveillance is best conducted with the combined efforts of technology and humans. With cameras that can detect motion or heat signals, darkness is no longer a hindrance to security, eliminating weaknesses to your property's safety. 

With the addition of technology, you can reduce your human security team, but you can’t eliminate it. A smaller human team is a selling point financially, as long as you don’t forget what a human can offer your peace of mind that a camera or alarm system cannot.

Neither element can do the work alone. No matter how advanced the technology protecting your property may be, if there isn’t a trace of humans to enforce the rules, criminals can take advantage every time.

You can ensure your property remains safe and secure between the latest technology and trained security personnel.


The Berman Security Difference


This year, The Berman Corporation expanded its reach to include security. One thing is for sure, in that short time, we have proven to our clients that our security services can be trusted. Our services are the most high-tech, with an added human element – which everyone needs in a security team.

Unlike other security teams, Berman ensures that all its personnel are trained in the latest security measures and that you use the best equipment for your property.

What can you expect if you secure your property with Berman Security?


On-Site and Mobile Security

Our trained security personnel will patrol the property around the clock. This ensures your whole property is secure.

We will handle anything from disturbance calls to break-ins and everything in between. 


24/7 Remote Camera Monitoring

Teamed up with your on-site security is a Command Center whose number one priority is communicating incidents to the people on the ground. Our team monitors every remote camera and then alerts your security team to any situations they need to handle.


Security Consulting & Risk Assessment

Even before we put a security plan in place, Berman Security will help guide you through a risk assessment of your property. This assessment will give a more comprehensive picture of what security measures are needed. If you aren’t sure yet what you want, we can consult you on making the best choice for your company.


Best in High-Tech Security

If your property needs more than strategically placed remote cameras, we can deploy drones and other robots to increase the mobility of service. What you want in your security features is up to you. We work with you and your on-the-ground security team to ensure the most substantial support.

You trust Berman to manage your properties. Now, let us keep your locations secure as well. Contact our team today.

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