Why You Should Have A Hurricane Repair Plan In Place For your Investment Property

Posted by Berman on Jun 21, 2023 1:36:10 PM

Along the southeast coast, it seems like an annual occurrence to prepare for a hurricane. While major hurricanes are on the news, even a small tropical storm can significantly impact your commercial and investment properties. Managing and maintaining your commercial property before, during, and after a tropical weather event can be complex and require your full attention.

Now is the time to prepare a plan for what needs to happen before and after a storm impacts your area. Being prepared with your commercial property before the storm will help your business rebound quicker and have less damage.

Think about it, the longer it takes for your business to recover structurally and aesthetically from such storms, the more money you miss out on due to lost business. 

Of course, one of the best parts of your plan is to have your team in place and ready to act as soon as it's safe to clean up and repair your commercial property right after the storm; you won’t have to worry about losing time trying to find someone available to help.

The team at Berman has significant experience with hurricane preparation and recovery. As a Florida-based business with a strong presence in the Caribbean, we are the experts in bringing commercial properties back online quickly.


Before the Storm

It really starts before the storm. 

In some cases, you can spend the time on these steps yourself, but in most cases, it's best to have a professional review your property. 

As your partner, Berman can assess your properties to ensure everything is in the best condition possible. This means taking the time to look over every inch of your property – inside and out – and note which things need to be fixed or tied down to prevent larger issues during and after the natural disaster.

We’ll want to focus on foundation damage, roofing issues, and unsupported windows and doors because they can create larger problems during the storm.. If things such as your roof or overall structure have any damage or weaknesses, it is important to take the time and have them repaired before disaster hits.

This is why it’s so important to have a preparedness plan in place months in advance of natural disasters. It gives you the proper time to ensure your structures are hurricane ready and your grounds have been properly prepared.


Repairs to Prepare For

The bigger the storm, the bigger the damages are going to be to your facility. Sometimes, it’s just some small things that can be taken care of before the storm. Some of this may be done in-house too!

The bigger the storm, the bigger the damages are going to be to your facility. Sometimes, it’s just some small things that can be taken care of before the storm. Some of this may be done in-house too!


Smaller repairs that should be fixed before the storm could include:

  • Minor Leaks
  • Leaky Faucets/Pipes
  • Replacing Damaged Ceiling/Floor Tiles
  • Resealing Gaps or Cracks around Windows and Doors
  • Replacing Broken Glass Panes
  • Replacing Light Fixtures
  • Repairing Switches and Outlets
  • Minor Roof Issues
  • Clearing Debris from Gutters and Downspouts
  • Replacing Side Trim
  • Clearing Outside Debris


It is always important to remember that minor damages can be easy fixes, but if you need more clarification about what you are doing, it is always best to have a professional, like Berman, on hand with you during the assessment. That way, they can help you manage which repairs you can handle safely and which need to be delegated to contractors and electricians.


On-demand professional teams are there to help with the before and after so that your only worry is maintaining your business. We know that you can help us with the repair work, but know that you don’t have to if you put your trust in Berman.


This is why it is vital to set up your own on-demand professional team for those weeks after the storm when things are most uncertain.


Organizations such as Berman are on hand to provide on-demand repair services in the event of a natural disaster. However, they can only help you as quickly and efficiently if the arrangements are made ahead of time.


The Importance of an On-Demand Repair Plan

Every year, when disasters hit, businesses are left scrambling to find a solution for their structural and aesthetical damages. The problem, they soon realize, is that these companies designed to help with such events are completely booked and can’t get to your structure until weeks, sometimes even months later.

By booking your on-demand team before the event, you guarantee that your damages and cleanup will be handled more promptly, creating less downtime for you. No one wants to be left with their hands in the air losing out on vital business operation time because they can’t find an available professional clean-up crew.

You want to ensure that your facility remains operational as much as possible before and after a major disaster. This means your preparedness plan needs to include having a team to help you clean up in the aftermath.

There are many things to consider about hurricane cleanup, which is best done with the help of a team of professionals. You might know how to clean up some basic damages and debris, but an on-demand professional team will be able to assess which repairs need to be done by them for safety reasons.

Another key benefit of having this on-demand crew already in place before the storm is peace of mind knowing your business and facility are in the best hands. By booking ahead of time, you have ensured that the team will have time to tour your facility and learn the ins and outs of what you need concerning structure and aesthetics.
Too many times, a market is flooded with unscrupulous businesses looking to take advantage of people and businesses who are hurting. Having your team in place will give you comfort the professionals will be there for you years after the storm too. 


How Berman Can Assist You

A couple of years ago, we created a Hurricane Preparedness and Cleanup Guide, which walks you through the basic steps you need to take to prepare for the worst weather has to offer. This guide is a stepping stone toward everything Berman has to offer in terms of helping you recover from a major natural disaster.

We start by helping your organization create the perfect preparedness plan and get you on the road to preventing as much damage as possible. We can assist you with any pre-hurricane measures of re-enforcement that your structure might need and be on hand afterward to ensure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

You can always prepare for the worst-case scenario, and Berman can help you. Contact us today to get started. Your facility is important to us, so we want to ensure you save valuable time and money waiting to get everything back in working order. We look forward to hearing from you.


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