Bundling Facility Services on the Corporate Campus

Posted by Berman on Nov 17, 2022 3:17:28 PM

As the economy shows signs of cooling off, CFOs and other senior corporate stakeholders are likely to consider ways to become as financially efficient as possible.

We know from previous times of economic uncertainty that the facilities budget is often one of the first on the chopping block.

While it might be tempting to cut the facilities budget over other initiatives, we also know that cuts to facility management lead to costly breakdowns down the road as less money is spent on preventative maintenance and repairs.

Bundled facility services may offer CFOs and regional facility managers a softer path where companies can often save on facility costs without interrupting preventative maintenance initiatives or hindering the quality of work.


How does bundling benefit corporate campuses?

Corporate campuses were initially designed to enhance collaboration and convenience for workers. But times have changed, and so have companies’ space requirements. 


Fewer workers are coming to the office, and some companies now offer hybrid schedules and remote work opportunities, leaving more office space and facilities unused. Combined with challenging economic obstacles, most companies are considering ways to use their space more efficiently and economically


Many CFOs and regional facility managers are increasingly realizing the benefits of bundling their facility management services:


Bundling offers companies various benefits because you only work with a single provider.


Financial Flexibility

A full-service provider can streamline their resources to prevent issues that lead to price increases. This means they can typically offer service packages for less than if a company chose to work with multiple providers.


For example, a full-service provider will probably cross-train their employees to handle various facility services needed for better workforce allocation. This reduces labor costs and increases flexibility when there is a pressing need, enabling the provider to offer discounted pricing for multiple facility services.


Faster and Fewer Repairs

There is a technician shortage in the country because of a myriad of factors. Fewer young people are going into trades, so there aren’t as many hungry upstarts to replace aging professionals retiring in droves. And those who go into the field often have a learning curve before they can acquire the skills and experience to be proficient.


With fewer skilled technicians to go around, it makes it much more difficult for organizations to find reliable facility services. And preventative maintenance is likely an afterthought, increasing the likelihood of more severe equipment failures and other adverse events. 


A full-service provider should have more resources available to offset these concerns and deliver better, faster service. In addition, cross-trained employees working within the same organization will likely communicate and collaborate more effectively, so issues are caught and resolved earlier.


Friendlier Environment

There’s always a friendly face with Berman


We’ve had the privilege of working with many great organizations, and we always try our best to acclimate to their culture and be the best reflection of their organization. 


Having the same people service your facilities and perform repairs daily is beneficial in two ways:


  1. We get acquainted with your systems, procedures, and people to offer better service and high-quality work. 
  2. Your employees and customers get familiar with us and see us as an extension of your environment. 


Achieving this level of professional friendliness, which creates a better overall experience, is much easier when you can work with a single provider.


Do you want to simplify your company’s facility management strategy? 

At the end of the day, it’s all about your budget and facility management needs. If you feel using multiple providers for various services is suitable for your organization, that’s great!


But if you feel there’s room for improvement, please know that we can help you. Through Berman, you can achieve higher quality and efficiency that reflects positively on you, your employees, and your organization. 

Let us know if you are ready to bundle your facility management services for better results and more significant savings.


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